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Old Skool plays the largest variety of danceable rock in the Cincinnati area.  We cover everything from modern rock like Nikelback and Linkin Park, to 80's rock from Poison, Def Leppard, and Journey to 80"s dance from Tone Loc and Sir Mix a Lot, and Young MC.   We also cover some country tunes and 70's rock for those clubs who've requested it.

Old Skool knows enough material to allow each venue we play to customize our setlist specifically for their club.  Take a look at our songlist and tell us which songs you want us to play for your crowd.

We believe our job is to play music well and ENTERTAIN the crowd.  We own world class PA equipment including lighting, lasers, smoke, and effects.  Old Skool interacts with the audience and pulls them into the show.  Check out the "pictures" tab and look at some of our guest "Community Cowbell" players and everyone who has had their picture taken with mother superior.